8 year old Client in Torment

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Are you careful with what you watch? Are you aware that when you watch a film it never leaves your brain?

Imagine being 8 yrs old with a pristine brain. At 8 yrs old we are just beginning to collect our knowledge. Now dump 100's of movies in. It is like trash into a precious garden.

This week I had a client, EIGHT mind you, that came in. 

"What can I help you with today, Greg" (not his name)

Greg says. " Can you take the movie out of my head? Please?" he was being tormented by something he saw on his tablet.

I was surprised, here this little guy thought I could extract something from his mind. So I had him think of the film while I did KST and watched how it affected his nervous system. As he did he went into instant stress mode. So I found where in his system the corrections were to be made. Then I did some polarity holds to balance his brain and nervous system. Then the BioDynamic CranialSacral work to remove the trauma. By then he was so deeply relaxed and at peace. When I was done this sweet boy looked at me with relief and said, 

"Thank You"

After I retested to find out what else his system needed.


oh yes! Have we forgotten why we have nature? Nature heals our minds. The clouds, mountains, animals, oceans, streams are all here to soothe and balance our minds, our bodies and our souls. Walking in nature awakens more of the neural pathways than anything else. Enjoy the gift of nature today.

I love a good film but like others these days probably watch more than I should, what is it doing to us?

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